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Growing up my favorite aunt was Auntie Rhi. She was always the most fun to be around and as I
grew I came to trust her with a lot of confidential things. So a little while ago when I was stuck in a
rut, I choose to go talk to her. I was feeling anxious and nervous and depressed among other bad
feelings. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. It seemed I had no focus and my mind spun in circles. I
would even get panic attacks sometimes. I knew Auntie would help.

When I got there we hugged and made some small talk but then we sat in her den and began talking.
She asked me some questions but mostly listened to what I had to say. Finally! It felt like someone
was hearing me for the first time. She understood everything I said. It was amazing and I let it all
come out. I even ended up crying some at the end.

Finally she said it was obvious to her I had a lot of things blocking me. I needed to identify them, deal
with them and let them go. “You seem to be carrying around a lot of guilt, shame and remorse” she
said. “I can help you get rid of those.”

She said she remembered at least a couple incidents from my younger days right off the top of her
head. But what she wanted me to do was to go home and over the course of the next week, I was to
write down any incident from past that I felt bad about. Whenever I thought of something, just jot it
down in a notebook. I agreed and said goodbye till next week. Same time. Same place.

I emailed her my list the day before our meeting so Auntie Rhi could go over it.And when I arrived it
was the same warm cordial greeting and back into her den to talk about this list. There was a lot more
on there than I thought there would be. One of the big things that stuck out to her was the time some
friends and I stole a boat in the middle of the night. We just wanted a joyride. Didn’t mean any harm.
But when we got out beyond the markers, we noticed the boat taking on water. We had forgot to put
the plug in!! We bailed and bailed and drove it back to the dock as fast as we could. But as you can
imagine a boat full of water doesn’t move fast. We ended up having to paddle it in cause the motor
conked out. We docked best we could and took off. We never told anyone that we sunk the boat.

“That’s quite a burden to carry around with you all these years.” Auntie said. “I see there’s some
more on here like that too. No wonder you have such guilt, shame and remorse. This stuff is whats
holding you back. Why you are “stuck in a rut” as you say and why you are experiencing all your
symptoms….of course this will cause anxiety, depression, inability to concentrate, everything you
said. And the weight of it is just making you feel plain bad.” She paused for a second while this sank

“I can help you with all this if you want me too” she said. “Is that what you want?” I looked at her
and nodded “Yes Ma’am” Auntie Rhi smiled and reached out to touch my cheek. She drew me in
and gave me a big hug and said “I’d be happy too”

“But you must do as I say and no back talk, understand?” I looked at her kinda funny, She took my
hand and told me that she was recommending spanking therapy. I pulled back and gave her any even
funnier look but she hushed me and asked me to listen to her for a second.

Auntie Rhi told me that she had great success with spanking therapy in the past with some of her
clients. (She was a therapist) It was an immediate release of all that pent up energy, all those bad
feelings. “You’ll feel so much better after you get it out….” she went to say that it would release that
anxiety and tension I felt, alleviate that guilt, shame and remorse, the depression, the crazy thoughts,
all that bad stuff I was holding inside. After I had been properly punished for what I did she promised
I’d feel a bit more at peace, calmer and more humble. The crying the bawling the kicking and
screaming helps release and the actual spanking gives me peace because I had paid a penance, made
some sort of amends. . If not to the actual person then at least to the universe. “That karma will be
cleared from you, you will have let it go. And then you can move on.” Auntie Rhi said she “Always
gets results”.

She was holding both of my hands now and sitting right next to me. I heard what she said and it made
sense but….I still wasn’t sure. “Do you trust me?” Auntie asked me. “Yes off course I do. It’s just
that, I dunno…”

“Listen to me”, she said, you trust me and you already to agreed to do what I said, so,…” she let that
hang.”Isn’t that right?”

“Yes Ma’am”

“Ok then…stand up. ..go on stand up!” I stood feeling unsure of myself. “You take off all your
clothes except your underwear and fold them in that chair. Now young man.” she snapped her
fingers. It was humbling right away to strip in front of Auntie Rhi but at least she let me keep my
underwear on. I moved too slow and she slapped the back of my thigh, “We haven’t got all day” I
finished with my clothes and slowly turned to face her, My heart beating a hundred miles an hour.
Anxiety had me frozen for second. I knew the moment was at hand. And suddenly I got scared. My
legs felt like they’d give out when she took my wrist in her hand. “Ok now over you go” and she
pulled me across her lap. After a little adjusting so she had me where she wanted me, Auntie Rhi
began to rub my bottom and backs of thighs with her hand. It felt incredible and my penis started
swelling. I was so embarrassed and humiliated. Having my bare bottom spanked by my aunt just like
a naughty little boy. My head started to spin just trying to take it all in. “Young man I want you to tell
me the whole story of why you are being spanked” I started mumbling and she swatted my butt hard.
“Speak up”

“Yes Ma’am” and I retold the story she began to spank me. Slowly at first then building up her
momentum. As I went on she built up to a decent pace and it was becoming harder to talk. Soon my
story was being interrupted by “OOHH!” and “AAHH!” and then after a moment she stopped.
Auntie Rhi  pulled down my underwear. I reached back to try and stop her but she pinned my hand to
my back. When they were down to my ankles she said ” Don’t stop telling on yourself, keep going..”
So I went on as best I could as she continued to spank my bared bottom hard with her hand. It was
difficult to get the rest of the story out but when I finally did she was spanking me at steady pace
really making me start to squirm. “Auntie…Auntie…OHH! OOWW! that’s starting to hurt Auntie! I
said. My behind was really glowing when she stopped again. But this time out of the corner of my
eye I saw her retrieve a hairbrush off the side table. Where’d that hairbrush come from? I didn’t see
it before…”And now the hairbrush”

“No Auntie!” I pleaded. She leaned into the small of my back and wrapped her left arm around my
waist, “Oh yes, young man!” holding me securely into her. Her hand was brushing against my cock
when I squirmed a little.  “Now that you’ve confessed you get punished” she said as she lifted the
hairbrush in the air. “AUNTIE!! NOOO! NOO! NOOOO!” I cried kicking my legs. That’s when she
used her right leg to leg lock me in.. She began spanking me with a solid CRACK! of her wooden
hairbrush. “OOOWWWW~” I howled. She allowed enough time for that one to sink in before,
CRACK! another slap of her brush. I howled again but soon had another CRACK! to contend with.
She spanked me again slowly and methodically at first. Building her pace to a steady stream of
SPANK! CRACK! WHAP! followed by a steady stream of me howling and yelping. Really trying to
jump when she spanked the back of my thighs too. I begged forgiveness and must’ve said how sorry I
was about a hundred times. Tears flowing now and my bottom really hurt as she lit a fire to it. Each
Crack of her hairbrush left a burning angry red patch on my bared bottom. Layer upon layer even as
she scolded me, “You naughty naughty boy! You… stole a boat… and then… you sank it!”
punctuating her words with CRACKS! of the brush. “What…a bad…naughty …boy…you are!! I
was really trying to kick and buck. Bawling like the naughty little boy I was. I was crying and
hollering out as loud as I could now. She was really spanking me hard. I remember being surprised at
how much it hurt and how strong she was. I wanted like anything for that spanking to be over and I
was pleading and begging her, “I am sorry!! Sorrriiiiieeee! OWWW! Please Auntie!
Please…YEEEOOOWW! I’l never do it again! I’m SORRYYYYYY! Please STOP!!”

She was relentless too, spanking all that bad energy out of me. That wooden hairbrush left it’s mark
after mark on my behind. I cannot explain to you how hard I was crying at this point. Uncontrollably.
What a very sorry little boy indeed. Tears and snot running down my face, hardly able to breath. My
face and bottom probably the same color red by now. She finished me with another dozen or so hard
spanks and finally let me up. I was jumping around in front of her holding my sizzling behind,
rubbing, trying to put out out the flames. She reached out and caught me by the arm, “Come here ”
and pulled me to her, wiping my face clean. “Shhh, shhh, shhh…there there…”She gave me a big
hug and held me there letting me cry it all out.

When I calmed down to sobbing she had me sit in her lap while she held and gently rocked me.
“Would you like some lotion on your bum? ” and had me lay down on the couch while she applied
the soothing ointment to my inflamed posterior. Rubbing it in gently while I calmed down.

We talked after of my feelings and what I thought of it all. I agreed to see her like this on a regular
basis and so we agreed to a day and time, every week. I can tell you I already felt better.I thanked
her and hugged her and told her how much I loved her. There was no way I could have done this on
my own. But with her help and a very sore behind, I was able to let go of it…it was gone and I felt a
serenity I hadn’t felt in along time. I couldn’t believe it at first but there is a euphoric feeling from the
release of all those good brain chemicals. I was on a pink cloud with a red bottom. I got a chuckle out
of that. I really love my Auntie. She has me keep a daily journal now and we go over it each visit as
well. I have started volunteering at the local shelter and am getting along much better now. I am no
longer anxious or confused or held back by the things in my past. I am dealing with the guilt shame
and remorse and letting go of it. Just like she said and I will continue to visit Auntie regularly  as long
as she will keep seeing me in this capacity. Thank you Auntie Rhi!!

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