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Glenmont’s denizens were preparing to enter graduation week.  Final exams were over,
commencement preparations were good to go, GPA standings were calculated, and the
Salutatorian and Valedictorians determined.  Actually, there were two students tied for
valedictorian honors, Nancy and Terry.  Both had final GPA’s of 3.993.  Both had promising
futures.  Nancy had majored in English, planning to teach and Terry in Government and Politics,
planning to study law.  

Then, somehow, the secret came out.  In screening the files, Ms. Rhi’s secretary, Beverly
Broadwater, had discovered that neither Nancy nor Terry had ever been the subjects of corporal
counseling.  Both had spotless, impeccable records of conduct.

As per Glenmont tradition, no one is supposed to graduate from Glenmont without having at least once studied the carpet of Ms. Rhi’s Office sitting area while in having one’s bare bottom facing the ceiling from her lap.  Such graduation spankings for the “spanking virgins,” as they were jokingly referred to by the “veterans,” were collected during graduation week, and Nancy and Terry were first on the list.  Those were not Pro–forma symbolic pats and taps, either, but real, true to life spankings with zip and sting from Ms. Rhi’s wooden backed hairbrush or pocket lap paddles

This situation was also would become a spanking session on steroids, so to speak, as this had
evolved into a piggyback aspect of a thorough, real, true to form and intensity paddling in
addition to the traditional graduation qualification spanking.  The student body had another
tradition of engaging in a fundraising project for a given chosen charity called “Moonshine Brings Sunshine.”  In addition for making money for a deserving charity, it included a bit of fun and sacrifice at the expense of a number of graduating seniors, and a way of turning the tables on them before they departed.  Each non-senior student was permitted to submit votes costing
$10.00 per vote for the senior that the voter would most desire to be paddled by Ms. Rhi.  The
voter could cast as many votes as he or she desired, as the “end purpose” was to raise money for
a charity.  Each vote was worth one paddle swat to be worked off by the senior who collected
that vote.  Another feature to the fundraising aspect was that each sacrificial bottom was
photographed in both before and after modes.  Without identifying the “owner” each photo was
placed on a secure private Student Union web page from a link about the fundraising project.
Kyle Johnson, our character from a previous Glenmont episode, and thereby had become a
paddled “veteran” from earlier computer nefarious shenanigans, had apparently learned his
lesson from that exploit and was now using his computer skills in a positive fashion.  Access to
the secure private link required a payment of $10.00 by credit or money transfer card.  Kyle had
also devised a hack resistant computer code and shield to prevent a visitor from lifting or copying the images.  This year, the charity was the local no kill Dixie Animal Rescue Shelter.

It so happened that of the 55 members of the senior graduating class, 34 collected $5,000.00 for
the shelter.  Most were in lots of $10, $50, and $100.  However, Nancy and Terry were the top
fund earners.  They each garnered numbers of votes worth $1,000.  The bad side of the ledger
was that both Nancy and Terry both were going to be paying off those votes at the tune of 100
swats.  Would Ms. Rhi be up to it?  What neither Nancy nor Terry was aware of was that they
were also the “Butt” of an underclassmen conspiracy.  Both appeared squeaky clean to near
perfection.  Terry was the always noble straight arrow gentleman, Nancy—the better than you
“Miss Goody Two Shoes.”

Terry had served as a dorm counselor, and who had at times referred students to the Academy
Judicial Board for infractions.  Nancy had served on the Judicial Board, itself, conducting
Hearings on alleged infractions, and passing sentences.  These sentences could be anything from written penalties, extra duty, weekend campusing restrictions or even paddling referrals to Auntie Rhi.  Nancy had been a strong paddling advocate as to the Judicial Board sentencing
recommendations.  They had been the subject of underclassmen discussions as to how fitting it
would be to finally have them experience the right of painful Glenmont passage from an Auntie
Rhi paddling.

As word filtered through the campus as to the “Moonshine Brings Sunshine” voting results, Shelly Montgomery, the school nurse who also happened to be Terry’s aunt thought about what Terry was going to be in for.  ‘He’s going to be in for a worse shellacking than the last one he got,’ she thought as she reflected on the time ten years ago when, while visiting her twin sister Shirley, her sister caught Shelly’s then 12 year old nephew drinking whisky.   Shirley immediately retrieved the large nearly antique wooden hairbrush that both of them had become familiar with over the knee of their own mother.  What followed was a 10 minute lecture, both verbal and otherwise, on the screened in porch, off the kitchen.  After ensuring that no communication barriers would be in the way, Shirley relentlessly swung that hairbrush in such a way as to punctuate and emphasize her disapproval and admonition against the use of alcohol, particularly those who are underage.  

Healthy, strong, and hardy farm gal that Shirley was (as was also Shelly), and from the feedback that transpired, Shirley’s lecture had made a definite impression and achieved undivided attention from the object of the lesson.  

‘Since that day, Terry had been a real straight arrow,’ thought Shelly.  ‘His hiney is going to be so terribly sore, swollen and tender,’ as she recalled the five swats she had voluntarily received from Ms. Rhi through thin pantyhose when first evaluating the experience of being paddled shortly after taking the position of staff nurse.  ‘There was the incredible yellow jackets-like sting and then several hours of tenderness afterward, from just five swats.  Fifty OTK and then 100 with that fearsome sorority/school paddle in the talented hands of Auntie Rhi? YIKES!’ she thought.

Nancy received the news of her “win” with some apprehension.  Sweet, quiet and demure, she
exuded the perception of innocence and virtue superficially, but did sometimes venture into the
realm of naughtiness.  That included diversion from her readings of more serious English literary
works by her enjoyment of romance novels that stoked her fantasy.  She had wondered what it
might be truly like to have her bottom feel like a furnace, as her wonderment was accompanied
by a moistening awareness of arousal.  Two weekends ago, she had taken a small trip down
Naughty Night Lane.  Enjoying a bit of wine that evening, while out with friends celebrating her
birthday she had become a bit uninhibited and after some coaxing agreed to a birthday spanking over the panties from several of the other ladies.  Placing herself over three of the laps of the lady partiers, and having her skirt flipped up and receiving 22+ hand swats in turn from each of them, on her white modest full brief panty-covered bottom.  The final 22+ were delivered by Lorraine, a 28 year old graduate student assistant.  Again, the swats were delivered on Nancy’s panty clad bottom, with a significant difference.  Lorraine clamped Nancy into a lap scissors and used a (13 x 3.25 x 3/8 inch) wooden pocket paddle to deliver that final installment.  Nancy did end up with a warm, relaxed feeling that made her want to explore this type of activity in the future.  The three prior hand spankings had prepped her to the degree that this final paddle spanking brought her to the top.

‘That next mountain to cross, when I get up the nerve, would be with panties down,’ she said to
herself on the way to the bathroom.  After locking herself in the bathroom, she dispensed with the modesty and observed her rosy nether cheeks in the mirror while attending to a situation that had
reached a critical mass, crying out for release.


Sitting with Auntie Rhi in her office sitting area, both Nancy and Terry were briefed by her as to
their impending right of passage and stage two of their visit.

“These will not be symbolic love taps,” she explained.  “I will definitely be setting both of your
back porches on fire.  Let’s just say it’s for all those things you did at Glenmont, and never got

Terry nodded slightly as understanding and Nancy looked down toward the coffee table with a bit of embarrassment while giggling nervously.

“Terry,” Auntie Rhi beckoned at him with her index finger.  “Come over here.”

Terry stood up and moved to where Auntie Rhi was sitting, facing her.

“Nancy, you get to witness for now,” she added.  

Nancy felt an avalanche of roller coaster emotion, ranging from anticipated anxiety and curiosity to excitement.  The idea of watching a reversal of roles depicted in the romance novels was causing her to gently rotate her hips on the front edge of her chair. She was about to watch a poised, confident woman of some sophistication bare a young, healthy man’s backside, place him in a submissive position and spank him vigorously as she determined proper.  Nancy watched Auntie Rhi’s nimble fingers deftly unfasten Terry’s belt, unbutton his trousers top, unzip the fly and grasping the trousers at the waist on both left and right sides, lower them to Terry’s ankles.

“You won’t need those for a while, Terry.  So just step out of them and kick them aside,” Auntie
Rhi instructed.

“OK, young man, over my knees, bottoms up, now!” Auntie Rhi directed while pointing at Terry
then downward over her lap.  After placing himself into position with her guidance assistance,
Auntie Rhi hooked her thumbs under the waistband of Terry’s under shorts at the ten and two
positions, and pull them completely down, baring a pear like, muscular hardened set of male
buttocks that reminded Nancy of Michelangelo’s “David.”  Ms. Rhi placed her left foot slightly
forward to cause Terry’s torso to angle at his waist, thus elevating and expanded the bi-global
impact area for action.  “Nancy, pick up the camera and take the ‘before’ picture for the web
page,” she directed.  Nancy, taking the digital camera from the end table, clicked several pics of
Terry’s exposed, untreated buttocks.

“Terry,  kick those shorts completely off, keep your legs a bit apart, turn your toes inward
slightly, and try not to clench,” instructed Auntie Rhi, as she made a few preliminary taps with
the OTK wooden paddle on each cheek.  Nancy noticed each of Terry’s cheeks quiver slightly as
Auntie Rhi was giving them her prep pats, trying to imagine what was going through his head.

Nancy watched Auntie Rhi raise the paddle and swing it smartly into Terry’s sit spot three times
in rapid succession—SLAP, SLAP, SLAP! followed by his loud gasp.
Auntie Rhi moved from the sit spots to delivering swats to each cheek individually, sometimes
alternating, sometimes working the same cheek in succession, then suddenly moving to the
neighboring cheek or back to the sit spots region.

After the first 25 or so swats, Terry was becoming a handful to trust to maintain position.  Thus,
Auntie Rhi felt compelled to place him into a lap scissors, informing him, “Because you’re
unwilling or incapable of remaining in position as a grown person, I’ll have to restrain your
movement, Terry, and oh, by the way, we’re going to start all over again.”

‘Oh wow!’ thought Nancy, seeing Terry’s cheeks already becoming a noticeably rosy shade.

Throwing her right leg behind Terry’s thighs, above the knocks of the knees,
Auntie Rhi interlocked her right ankle behind the left one, placing Terry into a lap scissors, and
his warm bottom in place.  For the “make up swats,” Auntie Rhi spanked in a rapid fire
succession of 5 to 8 swats, pausing for ten seconds or so then resuming with another salvo.  Terry attempted to roll and buck, but was helpless to escape the fire that Auntie Rhi was spreading over his back porch.  The make up swats over, resulting in a brief respite, Auntie Rhi released Terry from the lap scissors, telling him, “Now place yourself over my lap again and remain in place for these next 25.  Remember, if I have to place you back into the lap scissors, we’ll start all over again.”

Nodding acknowledgment of his understanding, Terry complied readily with her directive draping himself over Auntie Rhi’s right thigh and over her entire lap for the resumption of the spanking rump royal.  Nancy watched Auntie Rhi resume the spanking. Terry was breathing deeply, grunted but remained in place as Auntie Rhi brought her paddle squarely and smartly into Terry’s buttocks for the remaining 25 swats.  At the conclusion, Auntie Rhi reached to the nearby end table and picked up a pump spray bottle.  Misting Terry’s bottom, she said, I’m spraying some rubbing alcohol.  It will sting at first, but will cool you down a bit and acts as an antiseptic, just in case.” She likewise sprayed her paddle, and then wiped it with a towel.

Draping Terry’s shirttail back down over his very warm buttocks, Auntie Rhi said, “That’s all for
the graduation spanking, Terry.  Now you get to be the audience.  You and Nancy change places.  Nancy, come here, Dear.”

Nancy suddenly felt a pit in her stomach that leveled off the exhilaration brought on by that
which she had been watching.  As Terry collected himself and moved to the nearby chair, sitting
gingerly, Nancy arose hesitantly, demure as ever, eyes downcast.

“Come on Nancy,” Auntie Rhi said.  “Right on over you go,” she continued, sweeping her left
hand across her lap from right to left, palm up as an invitational gesture.

Nancy leaned over Auntie Rhi’s right thigh up to the waist and leaned over her lap.  

“Further, Hon,” Auntie Rhi instructed, patting Nancy’s skirt covered bottom.

Nancy crawled across Auntie Rhi’s lap until her waist was over Auntie Rhi’s left thigh, her
bottom now centered directly in the center of Auntie Rhi’s lap.  Auntie Rhi rolled up the back of
Nancy’s skirt, outside in, from waist to hem, and then tucked it out of the way under the skirt’s
waistband.  Underneath Nancy had put on a brand new out of the package that very afternoon a white full cut brief, as a woman might preparing for her execution to reflect her dignity and
general modesty.  Nancy’s only daring allowance against this plain, demure modesty was that her white panties were imprinted with a design of Heavenly clouds.  The next thing that Nancy felt were Auntie Rhi’s thumbs under the elastic waist band of these panties that were being lowered for the first time ever since they were taken from the package and put on approximately an hour prior that afternoon upon returning from the gym, showering, and dressing for this appointment.  

Lowering Nancy’s panties to knee height, Auntie Rhi picked up the paddle and placing it between Nancy’s knees edgewise and against the top of the panties’ waistband, pushed them all the way to Nancy’s ankles, then completely off.  

“You won’t be needing those at all for any of this, Nancy,” remarked Auntie Rhi. “We’ll let your
skirt cover you up during breaks, and you’ll cool off better without those undies against your
skin,” she explained.  “Terry, your turn to take the before pics,” she told him.

As Terry took the before pics of Nancy’s beauteous behind, he thought, ‘Those remind me of two
ripe, round, firm muskmelons,’ momentarily forgetting his own southern  soreness.

Terry watched Auntie Rhi take four or five slight prep taps with the paddle on the lower portion
of Nancy’s bare bottom, then raise the paddle up and to the right, at ear height. Swinging it
smartly and squarely across the center of Nancy’s bottom, the paddle make a loud “SPLAT!”
sound as it made contact.

“OW!” gasped Nancy.  

Working up a rhythm of three swats deliberately spaced about two to three seconds apart, then
punctuated with a flurry of three swats delivered rapidly, the spanking was having an effect upon Nancy.  Huffing and grunting with an occasional cry of “OW!” “OH!” Terry watched each
individual cheek jiggle and spring back to its round, melon-like shape after the paddle had
momentarily flattened them.  Auntie Rhi was delivering the swats in an unpredictable, random
pattern, preventing Nancy from anticipating and clenching or attempting to roll away from an
expected swat.  Auntie Rhi would work one cheek several times, then the other repeatedly, then
suddenly move into an alternating back and forth series from one to the other, punctuated with a swat or two across the gluteal cleft, then over the sit spots, all outside a predicable pattern.  By the time forty swats had been delivered, Terry noticed that Nancy’s bottom was deepening from a very rosy red to more of a shade of the background of a McDonalds Restaurant sign.  She was crying out with “AHH!” and “OUCH!” with nearly every swat at this point.

Finally, Nancy’s graduation spanking concluded with number 50.  Auntie Rhi undid the back hem of Nancy’s skirt and draped it back down over Nancy’s bare, very warm backside.  Assisting
Nancy off the lap and onto her feet, Auntie Rhi said, “OK, you two. Take a drink of water and
we’ll break for a few minutes before possibly moving on to stage two.  You may feel a bit sore
and want to come back at some other time to work off your fundraiser swats, or choose to get
everything over with today.  You’re both warmed up, so to speak, and will able to endure the
larger paddle swats easier than having to start out another time cold.  But I’ll give you a few
minutes to decide.”      

OTK paddle in hand, Auntie Rhi left Terry and Nancy in the office while going out to see Ms.
Broadwater, who had been holding Auntie Rhi’s calls.


When Auntie Rhi returned about ten minutes later, Shelly Montgomery was accompanying her.  
“What have you decided?” Auntie Rhi asked. “Now or later?”

“Ms. Rhi, we want to get this over with,” Terry replied, as Nancy nodded in agreement.

“Very well. Good decision,” she replied.  “Ms. Montgomery, if you will.”

Ms. Montgomery sat in the chair that Auntie Rhi had used for the OTK graduation spankings.  
She directed Nancy to get over her lap as if to receive a spanking.  Once in position, Ms.
Montgomery raised the back of Nancy’s skirt to examine her bottom.
The McDonald’s sign shade of red had faded by this time to a rosy hue.  “OK, Hon. You’re good
to go for the final rounds,” Ms. Montgomery announced.  “Terry, switch places with Nancy for
butt inspection.”  After Terry placed himself over his familial aunt’s lap, she lifted up his rear
shirttail and examined the damage.  She deemed Terry also, eligible for the charity swats,
remarking, “It’s been quite a while since I saw those cheeks ever so rosy as they are right now.”

Meanwhile, Auntie Rhi had laid out several larger sorority/school type paddles, all appearing
serious business fearsome.  Some were light colored, some dark, some had one or two had flower like designs.  Now standing in front of Nancy and Terry, both sitting gingerly, Auntie Rhi began to instruct and inform them how they were to proceed.

“As both of you will be receiving 100 swats, we will be doing this on the alternating installment
plan,” she announced.  Each installment will progressively increase in numbers of swats and
intensity.  Although I’ve already told you that these are not going to be symbolic love pats, the
first seven installments may have some moderating intensity as I may determine.  However, the
last two installments of 14 and 16 swats will be at full intensity.  By that time, your bottoms
should be somewhat inoculated and be able to better tolerate the pain that a full intensity
paddling brings.  During these final thirty swats, we’ll be trying to maximize the visual effect and cheek balance that says well spanked bottom,” she continued. “I will be using all these paddles during this event,” motioning with her left hand to the paddles laid out on the nearby table.  

“However, as this is a bare bottom event, in the interest of preventive hygiene, I will be using
opposite sides of each paddle with respect to both of you,” she added.

Both Terry and Nancy were experiencing varied and conflicting emotions—anticipation, yet
dread; excitement, yet anxiety; fortitude, yet fear.  Both were glad that they were not enduring
this experience alone, and both seemed to be feeding off the energy strength of one another.

“The installments, which add up to 100 swats, will be, in order 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and
finally 16,” Auntie Rhi explained. “Terry, you will lead off and then Nancy, you will then take
your share before we move on to the next installment. OK?”

Terry and Nancy both indicated in the affirmative that they understood. Shelly Montgomery was sitting nearby and conscientiously taking notes.

Auntie Rhi then went on to instruct as to proper positioning.  “I’ll want you to bend over the back
of that chair,” pointing to it, “and grasp the arms or edge of the seat as you might feel
comfortable.  Then, I’ll want you to spread your feet shoulder width or so apart, point the toes
inward, be right up against the back of the chair and lock the knees.  Pointing the toes inward will prevent clenching your gluteal muscles, and a relaxed bottom can better absorb the energy of the swat without muscle injury,” she explained.  “Locking the knees right up against the chair for this short a period will not cause unconsciousness, but will ensure that your bottom will remain in the proper full face stuck out squarely position.  Should you buckle the knees, it will lower your bottom, possibly causing the next swat to land higher than intended and risking injury,”

Auntie Rhi further explained, as Shelly continued to take notes.

A light knocking against the door, then opening a crack, with Beverly Broadwater’s voice, “Ms.

“Come in Beverly, we haven’t started, yet,” replied Auntie Rhi.

Beverly walked in and handed a note to Auntie Rhi.  Reading it, she nodded in the affirmative.  
Beverly turned to leave and Terry noted a coy, approving smile on her face as she walked by and looked him in the eye.  ‘I’m so glad Mr. Boy Scout and Miss Goodie Two Shoes will be getting their royal asses shellacked,’ she thought.  ‘It was worth the $100 I kicked in through my
sophomore class cousin for five swats apiece for those two.  Nancy was always so willing to refer other students for corporal counseling, and Terry, I know, is still the ringleader for providing unauthorized whiskey to other students.  He’s just been to slick to get caught.  A future lawyer?  

How appropriate.
Wait ‘til they feel that paddle with the holes.  That thing is supposed to sting like a hive full of
yellow jackets.’


At Auntie Rhi’s direction, Terry got up and got into position.  Aunt Shelly began to chronograph.  
As Auntie Rhi raised Terry’s shirttail, exposing his bare muscular glutes, it occurred to Nancy
that although she had been responsible for placing quite a few of her fellow students into the
situation that Terry was in, it would be the first time that she ever would witness anyone being
paddled by Auntie Rhi, let alone a male.  ‘Would it be as thorough, vigorous, and severe as was
the rumor?’ she wondered.  As she gazed upon Terry’s masculine full moon, Nancy began to feel
as though she had stepped into one of her romance novels.

Auntie Rhi stood to Terry’s left, and gauged the distance.  Placing her left foot slightly ahead of
and perpendicular to his feet, she then rubbed his bottom several times in a circular fashion with
the paddle and then patted it twice just above the gluteal creases.  “Hold position and don’t
move, Terry,” she instructed.

Terry took a deep breath and gazed ahead at a white bound Bible that Auntie Rhi had displayed
on a nearby table as he felt her paddle squarely splatting into his bottom just above the thighs.
“AH,” he exhaled the deep breath.  The next two were also squarely delivered to the same
location in a moderate fashion, the next a bit harder.  Auntie Rhi delivered the final three of this 7
swat installment in a swift swing, making for a harder impact.  “OW!” Terry finally yelled.  

Now it was Nancy’s turn over the “block.” It would be her first ever time at being spanked in an
other than OTK aspect.  She was about to fully experience what she had sentenced other guys
and gals to undergo.  Terry watched Nancy’s large, yet well formed and firm bottom jiggle a bit as Auntie Rhi tapped it a few times to gauge and measure proper distance.  SPLAT!  Auntie Rhi
expertly swung the paddle with moderate force into the lower portion of Nancy’s bottom, just
above the gluteal creases.  “OH!” Nancy exclaimed.  As with Terry, Auntie Rhi delivered the
next three with the same moderate force, the fourth a bit harder, and the last three with the
throttle wide open. “OUCH! OW!! Nancy responded.

Auntie Rhi delivered the next three escalating installments with the same pattern.
The first half would be moderate, then a transitional harder swat, with the final half at maximum force, expertly swinging the paddle into the respective targets with a twisting of her hips and shifting of weight from her right foot to her left that placed more energy behind the paddle.  

Expert spanker that Auntie Rhi is, on each respective installment, her paddle’s impact area
climbed a bit north, overlapping the area paddled on the prior installment, but inching ever so
upward with each succeeding installment, until the red line was reached (the area beyond which might injure the tail bone, about three inches below the apex of the gluteal cleft.  She would then deliver the final hard swat of each installment back down to the extreme south, across the sit spots.  Before the beginning of each successive installment, Auntie Rhi would turn to look at Shelly.  Shelly’s nod and giving an OK gesture with her left thumb and index finger told Auntie Rhi that it was OK to proceed.  After ensuring that she had flipped the blade of the paddle for the alternate recipient, Auntie Rhi would proceed with the wood.  

As Auntie Rhi indicated during her briefing, the eighth and ninth installments of 14 and 16 swats,
respectively, were all given with unrestrained, full, severe force.

In delivering those installments, she expertly delivered the impacts progressively south to north,
overlapping each swat, and then southward until the full installment had been delivered to their throbbing and swollen bottoms.  By now, both Terry’s and Nancy’s bottoms were swollen scarlet with a splotch or two of purple.  Shelly got up, touched and examined closer the beginning contusions, but as there was no weeping, indicated that the final stage of the paddlings could proceed.  For the grand finale installment, Auntie Rhi changed from the solid bladed to a drilled hole paddle.  After Auntie Rhi delivered the final 16 swats to both, a cropped photograph of their buttocks could have been mistaken for double raw hamburgers.  Although their bottoms had been somewhat inoculated and inured from the worst painful effects, that drilled paddle broke through that barrier and hurt like the dickens-- feeling, as Beverly Broadwater had predicted, like a thousand yellow jackets stinging at once.  Nancy was beginning to cry and Terry with unrestrained yelling.  Both, to there credit, though, maintained position and took it like a big guy and gal.  

When completed, Terry and Nancy took each others’ “after” pictures for the web page.  Shelly
provided aftercare with alcohol and a vitamin E lotion.  Surprisingly, both Terry and Nancy felt a pleasant, relaxed, release of stress in the minutes afterward.

It had been, to use an old fashion, but descriptive phrase, “the spanking(s) of their live(s).”

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