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Get over here right now! You have been very naughty and you are about to get what you, so richly, deserve. Those pants and undies are coming down.. all the way... Now get over my lap ...we need to have a serious talk.

Welcome and Thanks for dropping by....

A client said she considers me a Life Coach..... with a  Let me say that, while I am a professional, I also really enjoy what I do. Whether as a mentor, working with a person toward real, obtainable goals and holding them accountable for their progress, as a cathartic release of long held feelings of guilt or regret, helping someone recreate a memory, or create a memory they have always wanted to have, or in a therapeutic situation that helps one let go and relax.  I offer the strict or very nurturing experience he/she has always needed or yearned for. I also need to emphasize that I am NOT a Dominatrix and do not engage in BDSM activities, that includes humiliation sort of scenarios, with clients. My clothes ALWAYS stay on; this is NOT A SEXUAL SERVICE, repeating for emphasis, NOT A SEXUAL SERVICE, and any request for such will end the session immediately and I will ask you to leave.


That being said, I'd like to help dispel a couple of myths attached to those of us Spankers who are compensated for our time. I know a few professional disciplinarians personally, and they, as I do, genuinely care about our clients. We didn't always charge, and it's not "all about the money to us." There may well be people out there who do fall into this stereotype, but then we all know that painting everyone with the same brush is detrimental to all involved. Eventually, if you are good at what you do and enjoy it, you end up spending a lot of time at it. Compensation seems only fair.


I invest individually in each person and therefore have a special nurturing relationship with each client. In order to have the necessary impact (pun intended) on you, I will learn details of your life and your needs that may not be shared with anyone else even, and I want to assure you that they will be held in the strictest of confidence. It is important to me that you feel comfortable, as well as have a very meaningful and special, if strict and firm, experience.


I enjoy a unique relationship with each and every boy or girl I agree to take on, and I don't take on just anyone who sends me a note. We will communicate several times prior to our first visit so we both feel comfortable before our first meeting. I need to have a good understanding of what you need and/or deserve, as well as feel that I can provide that experience. As a professional, I have references available upon request.


Take care,

~Auntie Rhi~

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