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I don’t remember now exactly what my comment was but Pam (not real name) said I should be
punished for saying something like that to her. In a macho manner I said, “Oh…I might like that.”
I had just released the Evil Jeanie from her bottle with that comment.
We had been dating only a few weeks and I didn’t know the many facets to her personality. A
new one was now revealed. She grabbed the ponytail of my hair and pulled me roughly into her bedroom. She kicked the door shut with her foot and pushed me to the edge of her bed. Pam
removed my belt and with the skill of an Olympian had my trousers and shorts down to around
my ankles in world record time. I was speechless but becoming highly aroused. She pushed me
face down over the edge of the bed.

“Ok, let’s see if you like this.”
The belt tapped me lightly on my butt as she took aim. The first stroke landed with a smack that broke the sound barrier. The force and pain propelled me up onto the bed. She grabbed my ankles and pulled me back to where my feet were once more on the floor.

“Please Pam, not so hard.”
“Oh yes, nine more just the same and if you move out of position we will repeat all ten. Do you
“Yes Pam.”
For years I had secretly longed for such punishment and had probably spanked myself hundreds of times but I had always warmed up my butt in a gentle manner first.
Pam had me count out the remaining nine and did proceed with slightly less ferocity. I was near
tears when she said that will be all… for this time. That comment let me know there could be a
sequel to this scenario. She then cuddled me like child and said she was sorry but it was necessary that I respect her.

I agreed and said I was sorry. Inside I was delighted to think I might now have someone to give
me the discipline I had always longed for.
Only a few days went by and I made another faux pas. We were not living together but spent as
much time together as we could. I had gone grocery shopping with her and discovered she was
rather sensitive about her weight.


When Pam put an item in her cart I jokingly commented, “That will look good on your hips.” Pam got in my face and sternly told me when we arrive back at my apartment you will help me carry in the groceries and then get your butt into my room. You will strip down to your underwear, clime up onto the bed and wait on your hands and knees while I put the groceries away. I will then come in and teach you to keep your comments to yourself.

The time it took to finish shopping, the trip home and the wait on the bed had me in rather a large tizzy. I heard the bedroom door open and felt fear and a strange sensation in my stomach. My mind was reeling in anticipation for what was to come.

She commanded, head down and butt up in the air. Like a well trained dog I quickly complied. I
heard the closet door open and she was muttering to herself about my comment and which one
shall I choose. I took a quick peek and was startled at the wide array of paddles, straps, floggers
and canes that hung from pegs on the back wall of her closet.

She caught my peek and yelled, “Eyes forward. I can fix that.”
Pam came over to me and tied a scarf over my eyes. The next thing I felt was the cold surface of
a wooden paddle. She began to scold me for my comment and tell me I will teach you to
comment on my purchases.
She was making slow circles on my butt as she roared at me. Suddenly there was an extreme pain. I yelped unconsciously. Several seconds went by and then there was a flurry of perhaps twenty full force strokes. I knew from my previous session my protests for lenience would be futile. She would have her way and I must concentrate on enduring this.
“You will remain like this until I return for you. I want you to think about this lesson. I told you
before, you will respect me or you will have a very sore butt when you don’t.”
When she returned some half-hour latter it was if nothing had happened and all was well. She led me into the kitchen where she had prepared a delicious meal.


The next few weeks seemed to find a great many excuses for Pam to warm my bottom and some were rather flimsy.
I was enjoying the attention and it was usually followed by terrific sex.
Each discipline session almost always had a new facet added to it. I can’t remember the order of
addition but there was hand strapping, mouth soaping, a variety of nipple clips, candle wax,
golden shower or some new instrument pulled from the back wall of her closet. I was beginning to think I had a de facto dominatrix on my hands and one I didn’t pay hundreds dollars an hour. I had arrived in Nirvana but there was a road that led out of town.


The apex of our relationship was reached on a camping trip into the mountains of North Carolina. It was late fall and we had only one other couple sharing the entire camp ground and the next morning they were gone. Wimps, the morning temp was forty six.
Pam and I had caroused the night before with a camp fire and Al K. Hall. Pam passed out early
missing some wonderful shooting stars. The next mourning on the way to the bathhouse I
foolishly mentioned she must have a huge hangover after the bender she went on.
Pam roughly grabbed my wrist and led me out to the back side of the bathhouse. She said, “I
guess you will never learn.”

I was made to stand facing the wall about three feet away and lean forward with my palms flat on the stone wall. In a few seconds my hands were numb from the cold masonry wall. Pam undid my belt and with a hard jerk pulled it from around my waist. She dropped my jeans and tore down my underpants. The cold air on my bum and privates gave me an instant erection. It was quickly erased by unrelenting strokes from my wide leather belt. And all the while Pam was loudly reading me the riot act. I don’t know how many strokes I endured but it was several dozen. The worst belting I had ever had.

Pam’s drinking was often out of control and I obviously could not talk to her about it and she
could not see herself as I did. It was time to do something and the safe thing for my behind
seemed to be a letter. I hoped the mail man was out of sight before she finished reading it or he
might have been a victim of her wrath. After some wrenching phone calls our tryst was at an end.

Shortly thereafter I moved away but I always expected to one day see Pam in an ad for
dominatrix services. She was a natural and my bum still feels a warm glow when I think of her.

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