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Code of Ethics


In order to assure potential clients about the quality of care my clients receive, I offer my Code of Ethics. This presents my set of values, principles and standards to guide decision making and conduct within my practice.  In the interest of creating a safe and secure space for my clients, my goal is to promote healthy and professional relationships. I want my clients to feel confident that a professional atmosphere is a priority.


1. I hold the values of compassion, tolerance, respect, and open-mindedness: I do not to discriminate against anyone on the basis of age, color, gender, race, religion, nationality, or sexual orientation. As I serve others of all backgrounds and belief systems, I live by this vision of inclusiveness and am not judgmental in my practice.


2. I believe in cultivating and maintaining healthy physical, energetic and emotional boundaries in my professional relationships: Acknowledging that a power oriented and emotional relationship betweena practitioner and a client will form to some extent, I will not abuse that connection. There will be no exploitation, advances towards clients, or cultivating an inappropriate dependent relationship. I will not encourage advances or sexual behaviors from any client.


3. I am committed to practicing open, honest, caring, and responsible communication: Open honest communication between myself and my clients is the cornerstone for a good working relationship. I will cultivate conscious and clear communication, to further develop the quality of kindness and honesty as the basis for any communication.


4. I will act, at all times, with professional integrity and will not misrepresent myself: I am an LPN with a BS in Psychology with a minor in Communication. I have over 30 years of experience with psycho/social development and education. I have been practicing therapeutic spanking for 24 years and professionally for 16 years. I am not a therapist and am not claiming, directly or indirectly, any professional qualifications that exceed those I have actually obtained. In addition, I agree to be upfront at all times and will not misrepresent myself or my services in any website, social media site or private communications.


5. I am absolutely committed to creating safe space for growth and healing and by maintaining strict confidentiality: I acknowledge the special relationship that exists between a practitioner and a client, as well as between a practitioner and the community served. In order to facilitate the creation of a safe space in which dreams and ideas, doubts and confusions, as well as actual life experiences can be shared, I consider it of fundamental importance to keep the information entrusted to me in the strictest confidence.


6. I will continue ongoing personal growth and deepening my understanding and practice: As a practitioner and life coach, I agree to continue my personal growth practice in order to deepen my understanding of myself and my clients, so that I am able to direct them in a self-positive way.


7. I commit to continuing education and ongoing professional development: I understand that there is always more to learn. Therefore, I agree to dedicate myself to continued education in studies, as a Life Coach, including online courses, workshops, or whatever other form it may take.

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