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The only way William, now 18, can inherit his elderly parents riches is to
agree in writing to allow Governess Rhi to finish his education and to deal
with whatever behavioral and attitude problems he may have.  This includes
everything from verbal chastisement to SEVERE physical discipline!  

Because the inheritance is so substantial, however, William reluctantly agrees
and moves into the guest house with the maid and Governess Rhi.  A typical
day begins with the Governess tutoring William on English composition and
Calculus.  She has noticed, however, that he begun to slip in his studies and
has become somewhat slothful in his assignments.

The reason for his under achievement which she has already suspected is
confirmed to her when she is given a note by the maid.  The next day of
instruction begins as usual with William seated at his desk, unaware that his
Governess has become aware of his wanton disobedience.

She enters the classroom attired differently than usual. This time in
ankle-lengthed, black skirt slit up the side, laced, leather boots with four inch
She also wears a white, see-through blouse which barely masks her black,
push up bra.  And her hair is tied in a bun.  Round, wire-rimmed eyeglasses
enhance her already pretty face!  In her hand, she carries an envelope which
has already been opened.  "William," she asks.  "Have you been following all
of my directives"?  Caught off guard, he says that he has.  Pressing, she asks,
"and you didn't disobey me at all, even when I was away on Monday evening."

"No Ma'am," he lies.  "Well William," she announces, Miss Anna left me a
note this morning indicating quite the contrary.  "Stand up and I'll read it to
you," she directs.  William stands by his desk and his Governess begins to

Dear Ms. Rhi,  It grieves me to inform you that on Monday evening while
cleaning Master William's quarters, I uncovered several pornographic
magazines in his closet.  About the same time, I heard some noises, like
grunting coming from his bathroom.  Upon further inspection, I noticed that
the door was slightly ajar.  Quietly, I watched through a crack in the door and
observed William, standing before the vanity mirror in a total state of undress.
As he gazed into the mirror, he touched himself to conclusion.   He knew you
were out for the evening and was unaware of my presence.

Per your instructions to be your eyes and ears while you were out and to
report all of his indiscretions to you, I wrote this before I retired for the
evening.  I realize, Ma'am, that William deserves to be punished for his
untoward behavior, but I am quite fond of the lad and I pray you'll be lenient
with him.  I do understand, however, that he has been explicitly instructed to
refrain from such vile activity and do agree that at the very least, a sound
strapping is in order.  I just hope you don't break his spirit!

I'm sorry if I sound like I'm undermining or trying to influence your authority.  
I know that a woman of your dedication, experience and determination will
properly train William to be a productive member of society and will utilize
whatever techniques at your disposal to achieve that objective.

Thank you for allowing me to assist you in William's training.  Please let me
know if I can be of any additional assistance.



While reading the damning and graphic note, William cringes, first mad at
Anna for writing the note, then at himself for letting her catch him in the act!
His anger soon turns to fear, as his stomach tuns queasy and his knees become
wobbly.  Upon finishing the letter, she places it back into the envelope and
opens a drawer on her desk, removing an 18" ruler and placing it on top of the

"Now William," she begins to lecture, "either you disobeyed my explicit
instructions regarding self-gratification and lied about it or Miss Anna is a liar,
now which is it?"  He gulps loudly, remaining silent for a few seconds.  "I'm
waiting for an answer, young man," she reminds.  Finally, he admits,
"Uh..umm I disobeyed you Ma'am and then lied about it."

Without speaking she picks up the ruler  and places it on a nearby wooden,
armless chair seat.  "We are going to suspend our lessons for today," she
The remainder of this day will be devoted to discipline........ She then begins
to unbutton his shirt from the collar on down, pulling it out from his pants.
She then unbuttons his cuffs, removes his shirt and drapes it across his chair.  
"Remove your shoes and socks," she instructs, and he does so, kneeling first
on his right then left knee to do so.  Now barefoot and clad in tee-shirt,
underpants and trousers, he feels a stirring in his loins, but his heart is

She quickly pulls off his tee-shirt and as she begins to unbuckle his leather
belt, she says,  "even though Anna has requested leniency for you, that will
not be happening!  I fully intend to make certain that willful disobedience,
lewd behavior and lying are dealt with quite severely!"  She then pulls off his
leather belt and drapes it around his neck. She then unbuttons his trousers and
unzips his fly and as he shivers, she reaches into the waistbands of both his
trousers and underpants and in one fluid motion yanks them both down to his
ankles.  He is quite humiliated as he can no longer conceal his obvious arousal.

She takes no notice of his tawdry condition, however, but picks up the
wooden ruler and begins tapping it against her left palm.  "Extend those arms
at chest level, palms turned up," she commands.  Trembling, William obeys
and she soundly strikes his right palm with the ruler with a loud CRACK!   
Startled by the pain, he knows immediately that she means business.  The
vicious ruler then lands likewise on his upturned left palm.

"Now, young man," she begins. "I'm going to give you twenty more on each
hand just like that just so you know what the sanctions are for unapproved
masturbation!"  "If you move your hands or otherwise cause me to miss, not
only will that stroke not count but I'll add an additional two at the end.  Is that
clear?"  "Oh, yess, Ma'am," William stammered.

For the next several minutes she continues to utilize her ruler across William's
upturned palms, alternating between the two and instructing William to keep
count  By number 10 , he is whining, pleading and begging for mercy having
already flinched twice, thus earning four additional strokes.  He has also
danced out of both his trousers and underpants rendering completely naked in
the presence of his determined Governess!

By stroke twenty on his left hand, he is very repentant. Unaffected, however,
his Governess delivers the promised additional strokes.  He is learning his
Unfortunately for  him, by the end of the palm punishment he is still quite
aroused and as his Governess put the ruler back on the desk she make an
observation.  ""Do you fantasize about me whipping you when you
masturbate, you nasty boy?"  ""Ohh, yes, Ma'am," he admits.  "Well that is a
problem," she says as she removes the belt from around his neck.  "Maybe
after today you'll understand the difference between fantasy and reality!"  
"Now place your hands on top of your head, interlock your fingers and don't
move them," she instructs.  She then folds the leather belt double and begins
to employ it across his unblemished loins, lashing them quite forcefully.  As he
dances and twists in a futile effort to avoid the blows,  the belt strike his
thighs, both front and back, his hips and occasionally even nips his bloated

She regulates his dance and soon his bottom, hips, thighs and penis take on a
bright red hue.  Although he is again begging for mercy, she decides when he
has had enough and finally ends the strapping, ordering him to stand in the
corner with his hands remaining on his head.   Quite miserable by now,
William scrambles into position and awaits her further instructions.  After
several minutes, she summons him from the corner.

She is seated on the armless chair, her stockinged thighs now exposed and an
evil looking wooden hairbrush rests on her lap.  In her left hand is a fresh bar
of Ivory soap.  Instructing him to keep his hands on top of his head, he is
required to stand beside his Governess.  On the floor next to her chair is a
large bowl filled about half way with what appeared to be water.   She the
dips the soap into the water for a few seconds and work up a frothy lather.  
She then twists one of his nipples, causing him to cry out in pain enabling her
to insert the lathered soap into his mouth.

""William," she says, you are to keep that soap in your mouth to remind you
that lying is not tolerated!"  She then guides him across her stockinged thighs
with his face just inches from the bowl and begins to wallop his already sore,
bare bottom with the hairbrush.  Soap suds soon begin to drip into the bowl as
William loudly moans.  "Don't you dare drop that soap, you naughty boy," she
intones or I'll double what I've planned for you!"

He is now squirming and twisting  as the hairbrush relentlessly falls building
up an almost unbearable heat and causing him to cry despite the soap still
firmly in
his mouth.  When he thinks he can't take anymore, she lays on a few final,
especially hard whacks before stopping.  "Get into that corner, keep those
hands on top of your head and don't drop that soap you nasty, lewd boy!"  

William, scrambles into position into the corner with his burning hands on top
of his head, his bottom, hips and thighs are throbbing as well.  He is quite

After several minutes, his Governess approaches, removes the soap from his
mouth which is burning as well and wipes his mouth, chin, neck and chest
with a damp washcloth.  "Put your hands at you sides, and get your nose all
the way into that corner," she instructs.  "Expect to stay there for some time!"

William follows her directive and presses himself firmly into the corner.  
There he remains for some time, perhaps as much as an hour.  As he stands,
he can hear his Governess leaving and entering the room, her clicking heels
revealing her whereabouts.

Finally, she summons him out of the corner.  He now notices that a legal pad
and a couple of pens now rest on his desk.  "William, for the rest of the day
you will sit naked at your desk with your feet flat on the floor.  On the legal
pad you will write the following line,"  "Disobedience, masturbation and lying
are not tolerated and I will be punished for them!"  "You will write that
sentence over and over again until I tell you to stop.  If they are not legible or
if you don't remain diligent, I'll punish you severely for your slothfulness!"  
"Now get started!"

As William begins to write the required lines, his Governess has another thing
in store for him.  "While you're writing, William, I am going to find the
maintenance man and ask him to remove both your bedroom and bathroom
doors.  You will no longer be afforded any privacy!"  "You will from now on
always remain naked regardless if the maid, maintenance man or anyone else
is present.  If they inquire why, YOU will tell them that you are being
disciplined by your Governess because of you lack of sexual self control!"

For the next six hours William sat uncomfortably and quietly writing the
directed lines while pondering his fate with his Governess!

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