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My Dearest Auntie Rhi,


“Ok then young man, over my knee you go….”   You had caught me going through your underwear and even having a pair of your painties on.  But right before that…”STEVEN!!  What have you done?  Are those my panties you have on?!”


I was dumbfounded and scared to death.  The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife.  


Finally with a deep breath and an exhale you grabbed my upper arm and dragged me over to your vanity and having a seat you looked right at me and said I’m gonna teach you a lesson in not touching other peoples things!  Thats stealing!!”  And with that you had my shorts and underwear down to my knees and me across your lap, on your left side using the right to control my kicking.  


“Ok little boy!  How do you like wearing my panties now?!?!”  And you immediately began to spank me with your brush through the panties of yours I was wearing.  Skimpy little thighs offered no protection.


I had no idea how long you spanked me but it felt like forever!  Every square millimeter of my bottom and thighs covered in a red glow...Nice

But now you stop spanking me again.  For only a second as I feel your fingers slide under the fabric of the panties and pull them down.  Totally exposing my red hot bottom.  “NO AUNTIE!! PLEASE DON”T TAKE THEM DOWN!!  WAAA!!WAAA!! PLEASE!!  WAAA WAAAAA!!


Not only did you take them down you took them off so I was totally naked for the finally of my spanking.  You unleashed a volley of the brush unto my tender bottom, then another dozen or so in rapid succession.  


SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!!!  Covering my bottom in new redder patches.  I cry and cry at this point.  I can’t even put two words together I’m bawling so much.  Another handful of swats of the brush, another series of howling, bawling and crying like a naughty little boy. A new lesson learned.

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