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My dearest Auntie Rhi,


You will always be my favorite Aunt.  Growing up I was with you about 90% of the time cause mother worked and was going to night school.   But you are still the best maternal figure I’ve known.  We spent a lot of time together laughing and you took care of me but you never were afraid to take my shorts and underwear down to my ankles, barring my 9 0r 10 year old bottom,  then you would haul me over your knee and across your lap for a good thorough spanking.  “Auntie!  Please don’t spank me!”  I beg but you paid no mind to that and wrapped your arm around my waist and held my vulnerable bare bottom securely in place.  Yes, I kicked and cried and swore up and down I would change my ways if only you’d stop spanking me.  Then a minute or two later... 


You suddenly stopped spanking me and ordered me to stand up and go to the corner.  I sniffled and cried a few tears as I made my way there.  I was so ashamed, so humiliated, so sorry for what I did.  Wishing I could take it all back and do it over again.


Then you showed me a little mercy and brought me some ice water.  And that was the best ice water I’ve ever had.  After I caught my breath, you would take me over your knee once more.  I knew what was going to happen!!  Your hairbrush that I saw sitting next to you on the bed.  I immediately started crying and begging for you not to use the brush.  I was so frightened, anxious, fearful, my body turned to jello and you caught me falling and guided me right back over your lap.  Once in position you began to rub little circles with the brush on my bottom.  Sending chills up and down my spine. Causing my body to react.  “You know Stevie you have been a very naughty boy most of your life and I can promise you the spanking I’m about to give you has been coming for a long time!”


And with out any further adieu SPANK!!  SPANK!. I begin howling right away.  My boy body stiffens after each smack of the back of that evil thing sorches my behind.  It doesn’t take long for me to start begging you to stop, tears flowing down my face,  snot coming out the’s not a pretty site but this is a real spanking.


You’re scolding me for being a bad boy and telling me I deserve every lick I get!  OH NO!!!   

SPANK!!  SPANK!!  SPANK! Maybe a half dozen times you spanked me in rapid succession!  Soon my entire bottom is glowing red and I can feel my face flushed as my bum.  Then another volley of rapid fire with your hairbrush.  I’m really kicking and you have to pin my legs with your right leg and don’t let go.  SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!! 2 or 3 dozen more!!  I was crying so hard I was having trouble breathing.  You noticed this and took care of me right away.  Thank You Auntie!  You’ve saved me more than once but as soon as I got my breathing to calm down

You sent me to the corner.  Same corner again except this time I am totally naked.  Completely vulnerable to you and I trust you.  You must know about this trust between us.  I feel it everytime you’re around!!


Oh how I wanted to rub my bottom standing in the corner!  But I knew better than that.  That meant an immediate 2nd spanking, right then right now.


But back to us...soon you ordered me out of the corner and to the edge of the bed where you have stacked pillows for my perch.  My bottom as red and sore as it is will be tasting many different instruments for my spankings.  Paddles, belts, rulers, etc., I’m sure. I have to admit this is one of my favorite times.  When you just play with your toys on me, your  willing playmate!!


Then a second hand spanking on my freshly spanked butt before you lay me back across the pillows on the bed and gently apply soothing lotion.




Up for it?!  I’ll be the naughty boy

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