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The very best first step is to fill out the Questionnaire. It is designed to collect information so that I can tailor your visit specifically for you.  It may also help you collect your thoughts and consider specifics you had not thought about before. The more information I have the better job I can do for you.

I live quietly and discreetly (I respect your privacy, please respect mine) in rural northeast Alabama, pretty close to Ft. Payne, which is about halfway between Birmingham and Chattanooga, and a little over an hour from Huntsville, AL.  It's very easy to get here as I'm only 6 miles from I-59, but am up a mountain so it's a world apart. I'm not traveling much these days, several home obligations have grounded me to the time being. I am honored to have clients that come in from all over. I'm about equidistant from the Huntsville and Birmingham airports and there are hotels relatively close by.

I do not solicit. While I am on several lists and sites for spanking, I make it a practice not to make the first contact. I absolutely do not troll for clients. Personal recommendations are the very best contacts, and I do have a page of references, though, as a client pointed out, it's not like I'd post any nasty ones, lol. Although I did get a negative note on Ask Auntie.  Do read over what services are available. After you have read through all the information, please also read about rates.  I think clarity helps avoid misunderstandings. Drop me a note and let me know if you have any questions or special requests. Remember, I am a Domestic Disciplinarian and Therapeutic Spanker. I don't engage in practices commonly associated with BDSM with clients. There will be no sexual contact, of any sort, and requests for such will end our contact.

The questionnaire is a short series of questions to help me gather information regarding your needs, tolerances, and preferences. This assists me to be better able to tailor your session(s) specifically for you. Please be completely honest and as open as possible. Again, rest assured that your personal information will be held in the strictest confidence. The more you share and the more open you are with me, the more it will help me in developing your session..This is especially true if there's something you have been reluctant or even fearful to even express to anyone before.  We'll check our schedules and figure out the best time for your first visit. By that time, our relationship will be well on its way, and, in time, I feel sure it will become a unique, special, and close relationship. I will always treat you with respect, and I honestly want this to be a meaningful, special and intense experience for you.


Take care,

~Auntie Rhi~

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