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Photo Sets

I am often asked about doing videos and, unfortunately, I don't have the expertise to edit videos. Any videos you've seen have been done and edited by the client in the video and used with their permission. I have however, with some help from a wonderful friend (Thanks AH) put together some photo sets with corresponding audios, for folks that might be interested. They are all, at least, 20 pics with the audio of that session and they are $20. The button below will send you to my email and you can let me know what set you are interested in.

All of these pics are private content. Please be fair and do not share without giving credit nor share entire sets. I appreciate your help.


These picture sets capture all of the bottom burning realism of a good old fashioned spanking delivered by a strict disciplinarian to a naughty young man. Legs kicking, bottom squirming, beautiful angles, and great settings are brought to life even more by the accompanying audio files. Hearing Auntie Rhi scolding and spanking while viewing the images from those spankings really help to put you in the moment. I can't recommend these sets highly enough! Thanks very much for the bonus barn clips! :) I love the setting for that one.Thanks again-~Stephen


~Thank you Stephen, so glad you enjoyed them!!!~

Barn Dance

Auntie Rhi looks around for her errant nephew and finds him in the barn loft....playing with matches, of all things. He's going to think fire when she's finished with him.

Not-so-Smart Phone

This young man was grounded for two weeks because he was texting and driving, but Auntie Rhi sees that he is on it at home before doing his chores.

Bed-Time Back-Talk

Talking back to Auntie is never a good time but at bedtime it is especially risky.

Naughty Cousins

Sometime cousins can get carried away. The three of them are in big trouble and this is the tail of the second one.

Too Physical

Having to have a physical for camp can be very embarrassing, but this nurse has seen it all before and is not putting up with his protestations.

Cell Phone Restriction

This young man has a real problem with his cellphone. He was on restriction and, yet again, he was caught in the act...

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