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Ms. Rhi is an accomplished, educated lady of class, and is an Associate Dean of Students at
Glenmont Academy. Her middle-age grace and manner commands respect. Yet, she is known
affectionately by the Glenmont Community as “Auntie Rhi,” because she really loves and cares
about her students-- academically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. One of her major
functions is the Directress of Discipline. As such, she administers corporal counseling Tuesdays,
Thursdays, and Sundays following Chapel Services.

All students, of whatever age and sex, are subject to “corporal counseling,” as stated in the
academy guide. She always begins over her knee, usually with her sturdy hairbrush or similarly
sized paddle. It is her way of interjecting a tone of “family concern,” as the Glenmont
Community does regard itself as a large, extended family. In very serious cases that call for a
harsher punishment, she may graduate to other implements and conclude with her 20” x 3” x
1/2” sorority paddle as the recipients bend over her desk or padded furniture. Although modest
attire is required for both students and staff, there are some exceptions regarding sports or
recreational activities. Another exception provides that “in order to be effective, corporal
counseling may be administered directly to the unclothed, unprotected buttocks.” Over time,
Auntie Rhi has made it her practice to always give spankings of either sex on the bare bottom.
Most students are well behaved, and no student has had to come back to visit with Auntie Rhi in
her office study more than twice. A conduct counseling session with Auntie Rhi is always long
remembered and quite effective in correcting misbehavior. Although short in stature, she has a
wholesome, hardy physique that enables her to put a lot of force to the point of impact.
Generally, Mrs. Montgomery, the academy nurse, witnesses, monitors, and certifies that the
administration of corporal correction did not exceed physical effects in excess of mere severe
bruising. In addition, members of the Board of Visitors, appropriate faculty or support staff, or
the recipient’s parents may be present.

It had been a bit of a dry spell for the past two months or so. She hadn’t had to administer
corporal counseling since her hairbrush and sorority paddle had their face–to-bottom
“discussions” with Robyn and Tim for their chapel shenanigans a while back. Perhaps there was
some collateral benefit that influenced the rest of the student body after word of their severely
paddled black and blued bottoms became known and filtered out of their teams’ respective
locker rooms and dorm showers. ‘Good Gosh,’ she thought, “I’ve never spanked anyone as
hard as I did those two. I was almost beginning to feel it myself. I hope I never have to be again
as severe.’

As Ms. Rhi took another sip from her cup of herbal tea, Beverly Broadwater, her young
administrative assistant, walked in through the open door, carrying some incoming
correspondence, and placed it into Ms. Rhi’s desk in-box. “Good morning, Ms. Rhi,” she said,
smiling. Need that tea freshened up?” Beverly was always so cheerful and helpful.
A tall, athletic, dark-complected brunette, Beverly, herself, had graduated from Glenmont
several years before and had been among those sometimes facetiously referred to as
“A-R-S-S’s. This acronym stood for “Auntie Rhi’s Spankless Students”.  It had been an
unwritten tradition that one wasn’t considered to be a true graduate of Glenmont unless one
had, on at least one occasion, viewed Auntie Rhi’s office carpet while perched over her lap. To
earn the opportunity to perch over her lap meant that one was feeling some pretty intense heat
in one’s southern regions. It so happened that usually by senior week, just before graduation,
about 25% of the female and 7% of the male students would find themselves in the unenviable
second class ARSS status. The one way to abandon that status, so continued the tradition, would
be to voluntarily report to Auntie Rhi’s office and submit to her minimum basic spanking of 50
smacks with her hairbrush. These were not token love taps, either, but real life, bare bottom
hairbrush spankings, witnessed by one of two three-member student subcommittees, by sex with
respect to the sex of the ARSS shedding his or her status. So Beverly had been one of the 30
female and 9 male students whose bottoms Auntie Rhi had reddened up that week just several
years ago. Beverly hadn’t received a spanking since age 10, and her flawless peaches and cream
bubble-butt just seemed to be starving for one on that Senior Week day---.     

“Oh, no thank you, Bev, I’ve had my share,” she replied.  “Anything major here?”

“Unfortunately, yes,” her 25 year old assistant replied. “An M-R from Ms Dixon.”

As Ms. Rhi reviewed the Misconduct Report submitted by teacher Linda Dixon, Ms. Rhi
learned that during Ms Dixon’s computer science class, there appeared to be some snickering
among a number of her male students, then a female gasp.  Upon investigating the matter, she
discovered that Kyle Johnson had been up to mischief with the photoshoppe program. Using a
photograph of two pigs engaged in copulation, Kyle had superimposed the face photo of a
female classmate, Patty-Ann Beale, onto the female pig. Patty-Ann, an average looking, and
slightly overweight girl, had enough self-confidence issues without Kyle aiding and abetting.
The photo was being passed around among the male students when during a hand off, it
accidentally slipped from the grip of one, glided and skidded across the floor, right beside Patty-
Ann’s table.

‘I knew this was too good to last,’ Ms. Rhi thought. ‘Friday morning, nearly a perfect week, but
now this. Look’s like Kyle Johnson will be seeing me after chapel this Sunday.’ “Beverly, place
Kyle Johnson’s on the counseling list for Sunday.”

“Already done, Ma’am,” she replied, with an assured smile and arched eyebrow, turning and
returning to her outer office. ‘I’m glad that little asshole is finally going to get his. Acting like
some Eddie Haskell, having a lot of people think he’s some kind of Boy Scout when some of us
know better.’


The young man seated in the chair behind the coffee table knew he was in deep trouble. In a
calm, but stern tone, Auntie Rhi had been scolding him for nearly the past five minutes. First,
there was the violation of the academy’s bullying and harassment policy, which could result in
suspension. Second, there was the misuse of the computer lab for producing or viewing
pornography. The third, but related to the second violation was the engaging of immoral
conduct on campus or academy related activity. At the conclusion of this initial dressing down
from Auntie Rhi, Kyle was feeling truly ashamed and remorseful. “I’m sorry, Auntie Rhi. I truly
am,” Kyle proffered.

“I believe you are, Kyle, and I’m glad to hear that,” replied Auntie Rhi. “And on behalf of
Glenmont Academy, I accept your apology, but this matter is far from its conclusion,” she
continued. “Before the end of the week, you will write a formal letter of apology to Patty-Ann,
and submit it to me for review and approval. After I approve it, I will provide it to her. As I’ve
already told you, she was so traumatized over this incident that she had to go home to her
family for a week or two. Her counselor believes that this letter of apology from you will begin
to help her with the healing process. “Further, in lieu of me recommending suspension for the
rest of the semester, you will subject yourself to corporal counseling as provided in the
Academy Student Guide.”

Kyle nodded his assent.

“Finally,” Auntie Rhi informed Kyle, directing his attention to a computer with peripherals that
Ms. Broadwater had earlier set up on a nearby end table, “Patty-Ann, her mother, and Dr.
Elizabeth Bach, Patty-Ann’s psychological counselor, will witness your corporal counseling, via
web-cam, as they could not be here in person.”

Kyle gulped, but did not protest.

Just as it was sinking in, the intercom ringtone on Ms. Rhi’s desk phone sounded. Walking over
and picking up the receiver, Ms. Rhi heard Beverly at the other end inform her, “Ms. Rhi, Mrs.
Montgomery is here.”

“Oh, fine, Bev,” Ms. Rhi replied. “She’s right on time. Please send her in.”

Moments later the door opened and Shelly Montgomery, the Academy Nurse walked in. “Sorry
to be running late, Ms. Rhi,” she said.

“Oh, no. Not at all Shelly. I was just finishing the preliminary oral interview. I’ll give you a
couple of minutes with Kyle while I check on a few things with Beverly. I’ll be right back,” Ms.
Rhi responded as she walked out, leaving Mrs. Montgomery with Kyle.

Seating herself at the same place across from Kyle where Auntie Rhi had earlier been, Mrs.
Montgomery began, “Kyle, you probably know, but in case you aren’t aware, I’m the academy
staff nurse.”

Kyle nodded in the affirmative. Across from him, he saw a, 44 year-old well-scubbed woman
clad in a light blue skirt, white blouse, light nylons, black pumps, and gold cross-button earrings.
Shelly’s once platinum blonde hair, now a silver premature gray, was curled in at its shoulder

“I’m sorry we have to meet under these circumstances,” she continued, “but I am here to
monitor the spanking Ms. Rhi will be giving you this afternoon, so as to prevent any serious
injury or medical condition to you.  I’m not going to make any inaccurate or false statements to
you, Kyle. Her spankings are quite severe shellackings, and I assure you that it will be quite
painful. Your rear end will be sore for several days.” Shelly Montgomery knew from some first-
bottom experience. When initially requested to attend and monitor Ms. Rhi’s corporal
counseling three years ago, Shelly suggested that she personally experience a taste, but not the
whole meal, so as to have a bit of understanding as to what her patient might be experiencing.
Not totally unfamiliar or opposed to spanking, Shelly and her husband sometimes included it as
a part of foreplay in their lovemaking, and it was a disciplinary tool she sometimes had taken
out of her parenting kit bag. Obliging, Ms. Rhi had Shelly bend over the back of the upholstered
chair, and raise the back of her skirt. After doing so, took careful aim with her sorority paddle to
Shelly’s nude-tone pantyhose clad bottom. As agreed, five times the paddle cracked across both
of Shelly’s virtually unprotected bottom cheeks, each at the same exact location. She grunted
and finally cried out, “WOW! OH, MY GOD!” as she straightened up while rubbing her flaming
buttocks with both of her hands. Hours later, after returning home and rolling down those thin
pantyhose at the full-length three panel mirror, a very rosy red mark in the perfect form of the
paddle was still prominently evident across the fair complexion of Shelly’s bottom.

“Kyle, Shelly continued, “Nearly all of the girls and even some of the boys cry. So don’t be
afraid to if you feel the need. We will get through this, though. Just remember that I’ll be here,
and while I’m not going to get you out of what you’ve gotten yourself into, I’ll make sure that
no real harm comes to you. Oh, by the way, it would be a good idea for you to remove your
shoes now so they won’t fly off should you begin to kick your feet.”

Kyle untied and removed his black Oxfords, placing them under the coffee table.


At that, Auntie Rhi returned, accompanied by Ms. Broadwater. As Beverly sat at the computer
keyboard and began to activate the webcam, Auntie Rhi beckoned to Kyle with her finger,
turned and sat on a heavily-covered, oversized hassock in the center of the room. Her poise,
posture, riveting deep blue eyes, full skirt, simple, yet tasteful jewelry adornment, and red hair
gave her the regal appearance of a Boadicea-like Celtic Queen about to administer her form of
justice. Kyle arrived in front of her, head downcast at his fate. He saw her fingers nimbly
unbuckle and separate the ends of his belt, then unbutton the waist of his trousers and open the
fly. Hooking her thumbs at the inside at his hips, she dropped his trousers to his ankles, and at
her direction, Kyle stepped out of them and with the toes of his right foot, kicked them aside.
Placing her right thumb under Kyle’s chin, and lifting his head up to make eye contact with him,
Auntie Rhi moved her eyes to her lap as her left index finger pointed into the top of her left
thigh, then returned her eyes to Kyle’s eyes. Following her non-verbal direction, Kyle moved to
her right and placed himself in a prone position over her lap, his waist over her right thigh.
“Further, Kyle,” she directed, and Kyle, complied, crawling further over her lap, until his hips
took the place of his waist.

At the other end of the webcast, Patty-Ann, her mother, Sandee, and Dr. Bach watched Auntie
Rhi again used her thumbs in a nimble fashion to hook under the waistband of Kyle’s
undershorts at the ten minutes to two position, and quickly lower them to half-mast. Ironically,
Kyle felt the cooling breeze of the room’s ceiling fan against his bare fanny as soon as Auntie
Rhi exposed it for the fire she was about to ignite. As Kyle saw Auntie Rhi’s left business-pump
clad foot emerge from under her skirt and move forward, which lowered her left thigh slightly,
the webcam audience noticed that Kyle’s bare bottom arched further over Auntie Rhi’s
personal punishment platform.

In order to keep Kyle from clenching his glutes, Auntie Rhi instructed, “Now Kyle, I want you
to try to keep your toes pointed in, as in pigeon toed, as best you can.”

Kyle pointed his toes in as he felt the unmistaken able touch of a wood hairbrush tap three times
against his bare upturned bottom so as to warn him that the rain of fire from Auntie Rhi was
about to commence.

The webcam audience and Beverly watched Auntie Rhi bring the hairbrush to shoulder height,
then quickly bring it down onto the young man’s bottom, snapping it into Kyle’s fleshy bottom
with added wrist action to enhance the acceleration of the hairbrush at the last instant of its arc.
The smacking sound was louder than expected to those observing.  Kyle began to gasp and
grunt. By the time twenty smacks had been delivered, the webcam audience could observe that
Kyle began to occasionally kick. By the time Auntie Rhi had brought her hairbrush colliding
with the impact area for the thirtieth time, Kyle began to groan and cry out. Sandee Beale
thought, ‘She’s beginning to get that young smart aleck’s attention.’

Auntie Rhi’s method of hairbrush OTK spanking would be a rhythm of alternating cheeks,
usually one followed by the other, but at times giving several smacks to the same cheek, before
moving over to the adjacent one, so as to obviate anticipation on Kyle’s part. She spanked in
flurries of ten to twenty, at the end of which she would strike where both sit spots meet at the
lower end of the gluteal canyon. After a bit of scolding as to why he was being punished, and
what was to be expected in the future, Auntie Rhi began another flurry of what was to be an
initial 500 smacks with her sturdy hairbrush. At the conclusion of this first phase, Beverly
zoomed in on the impact area, and the webcam audience saw a very scarlet shade of color to
Kyle’s bottom.

Shelly got closer, bent slightly, and touched Kyle’s very warm skin to examine its condition.
Satisfied, she took a documentary photograph with her digital camera of the object of concern,
and nodded her assent for Auntie Rhi to continue.

In order to preclude Kyle’s frontal nudity from witness observation, Auntie Rhi reached down
to Kyle’s undershorts and “raised the curtain,” so to speak. Helping him to his feet, she directed
him to the back of a nearby upholstered arm chair. Following Auntie Rhi’s direction, Kyle bent
over the back of the chair and grasped the arms. For the second time, Kyle felt a pair of thumbs
under the back of his waistband, causing his undershorts to be lowered below his very warm
bottom. This caused a bit of slight cooling comfort, if even for a few moments.

“Kyle, that first phase of 500 with the hairbrush was for the violation of Glenmont Academy’s
anti-harassment and bullying policy, “Auntie Rhi explained. “I hope that Patty-Ann was able to
witness that phase in its entirety and it has served to assuage the pain you have caused her. This
upcoming second phase of 100 swats with the Jokari paddle will be for using the computer
network for the purposes of producing and viewing pornography.”

Upon assuring that he understood and was ready, Auntie Rhi began to vigorously spank Kyle’s
bottom with the Jokari paddle as though she was beating the dust out of a carpet during a spring
cleaning. By Kyle’s crying out and promise to live a saintly life forever, Auntie Rhi knew her
efforts were making what was going to be a long lasting impression on this young man’s present
bottom and future decorum.

‘Goodness,’ thought Beverly. ‘That woman can certainly put the timber on target. I only had 50
with her hairbrush. Kyle will be eating from the mantel for a week.’

Keeping in mind what was in store for phase three, Auntie Rhi applied the Jokari paddle
primarily to the centers of each buttock. From time to time, though, Aunties Rhi would use an
upswing stroke and have Ms. Jokari pay a visit to a sit spot and gluteal crease region, just to
keep things interesting.

From the other end of the webcam, Patty-Ann jokingly remarked to Elizabeth and Sandee,
“Kyle’s squeals are starting to make him sound like a pig,” bringing giggles to both women.

After the 100 swats, Auntie Rhi allowed Kyle to straighten up and drink from a glass of ice
water while remaining in place at the back of the upholstered chair. As he hydrated himself and
caught his breath, Beverly again gave the webcam audience a closer view of the state of affairs.
It was very apparent to all that Kyle’s date with Ms. Jokari had transformed his bottom from the
very scarlet red to a crimson red.  Then the view was blocked as Shelly came into the camera’s
field of view. She observed the crimson shade and probed each very warm cheek with her
fingertips, causing a momentary dimpling in order to assess the volume of sub-epidermal fluid
build up of the area. It was her assessment that the centers of Kyle’s buttocks were close to
their limits before weeping and possibly skin rupture, but she knew that the third and final phase
would be directed to the lower region, away from where Ms. Jokari had been doing her war
dance. Communicating to Ms. Rhi that she could proceed, she cautioned, “Just don’t go to too
far north very much.”

Once Kyle was back in position, Auntie Rhi stood to Kyle’s left. Standing perpendicular to him,
she lined up her sorority paddle over Kyle’s bottom so as to gauge the proper

distance and that the paddle’s business surface would effectively strike the surface of the
bottom as intended. To assure that the paddle would not arrive late and strike only the
right cheek, nor early and strike only the left cheek, Auntie Rhi made certain that her left foot
was just slightly in front of the imaginary plane drawn across Kyle’s toes. In such stance and
position, Auntie Rhi’s paddle swats would strike both of Kyle’s buttocks simultaneously and
with equal force.

Auntie Rhi announced that this third and final phase of the corporal counseling was 25 swats
with the sorority paddle for immoral behavior on campus. After assuring that Kyle was in
position and ready, she warned him, “Stay in position and don’t move. I’ll pause after each five
to let you catch up. If necessary, I’ll even allow you a momentary water break. But you are
going to feel these 25, Kyle.”

The witnesses watched Auntie Rhi take a two handed grip of her paddle and tap the lower
portion of Kyle’s bottom and rub it in a circular motion. She then tapped his bottom twice. The
proper arc and distance measured, Auntie Rhi rotated her hips and shifted her weight to her
right while keeping her eye on target. Swinging forward, and shifting her weight from her right
to her left, she buried the paddle into both sit spots simultaneously with a loud CAAARACK!
“AAAAAHHH!” yelled Kyle. CAAARACK, “OHH! YIKE!” as the paddle landed a second
time right where the first swat had landed, as did the following three. For the next five, Auntie
Rhi expertly delivered the swats slightly above and overlapping the ground where the first five
had landed. Kyle was to the point of breaking down in tears. Creeping slightly upward, and
again overlapping the second increment of five swats, was the third stage of these brutal 25
swats that Kyle would remember for the rest of his life. Each swat was full force, with no
relentlessness, as Auntie Rhi swung her paddle as though she were hitting a softball over the
fence. After the fifteenth swat, Auntie Rhi, asked, “Kyle, do you need some water?”  A tearful
Kyle nodded in the affirmative, and Mrs. Montgomery handed Kyle a glass of ice water.

“Kyle, just ten more to go. Hang in there. I’m sure you’ll never have to go through this again.
Just hang in there. It’ll be over soon,” Shelly coached.

Hydrated and catching his second wind, Kyle resumed the position. Auntie Rhi continued to
deliver the final ten swats as hard as the first fifteen. She delivered these final ten over the
entire coverage area, from north, where Ms. Jokari had been, then southerly back to the sit
spots. At end, Kyle was blubbering uncontrollably and promising through sobs to live a spotless
life forever.

Mrs. Montgomery documented a very purple and swollen gluteal region belonging to a most
remorseful young man. ‘Well,’ thought Beverly, ‘pigs may not fly, but big boys do cry.’

Auntie Rhi whispered to Kyle. Kyle reached down pulled up his undershorts. Turning to her, he
again expressed his regret. “I’m sorry, Auntie Rhi,” he said in a very remorseful manner. “I’m
sorry for what I did, and I’m sorry for putting you to all this trouble. Thank you for your
attention to me,” as he hugged her. Auntie Rhi hugged Kyle back, and again whispered, causing
Kyle to turn to the webcam and offer his apology to Patty-Ann. “Patty-Ann, I’m very sorry for
any pain that my stupid stunt brought you. I only hope that whatever pain I have received from
Auntie Rhi, and the soreness I’ll have for a while, will help you recover from the pain I have
brought to you,” Kyle tearfully stated.

At the other end of the webcam, tears were streaming down the faces of Patty-Ann and Sandee,
as Patty-Ann buried her face into her mother’s bosom.

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